Michael Jackson Has Walked His Last Moon Walk

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I saw it on the Internet in minutes; "Iconic Entertainer, Michael Jackson, has Died at the Age of 50," is what a lot of the headlines read. I really did not know if I wanted to be sad for the mega-superstar, that changed the music game forever, or if I was relieved for him, that he would now find peace. It is said that Michael Jackson died with massive debt, and we all know that a 50 state tour, would wreak havoc on even the youngest of performers, so we know that the thought of that for Michael, was probably too much to bear, or even think about. He never had a childhood, so I do get why he remained so childlike for most of his life, after all, he began performing professionally at the age of just four years old.

Michael Jackson is the one entertainer that you can go to any country, and they have heard of him, and have a story about remembering his earlier music, and how it was truly a great body of work. His work will surpass his life, and his legacy is forever etched in stone, so this means that when both your or I are gone, Michael Jackson's classic albums will still be living on from generation to generation, and that is what life seems to be all about, leaving a legacy behind, that will carry on even after your demise.

Michael Jackson is gone home now to his eternal resting place, and he leaves behind many speculators, many questions, friends, family, children and adorning fans all over the globe. Let us finally let Michael Jackson rest in peace...a peace that I am sure that he has longed for since his youth. So, the curtains are closed, and Michael Jackson has taken his last bow, and done his last moon walk, and now we have neared an end of an era...so, join me in saying that no matter what turmoil has surrounded his life in recent years, we are not going to praise Michael the person, but Michael the iconic legend that transcended beyond the corridors of the U.S. and unified nations with his electrifying performances...Rest in Peace, as we bid you a silver glove salute.

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Michael Jackson Has Walked His Last Moon Walk

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This article was published on 2010/03/31