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Michael Jackson began his career as a child in a group called the Jackson Five, which included his four older brothers.

But inevitably he became the star of the group with his unique soulful voice! Later as an adolescent Michael pursued a career on his own which was even more successful.

He sold so many records that broke the record of many popular and famous pop singers! Michael Jackson is known that the King of Pop be.

Michael was not only an amazing singer but he was an excellent dancer as well.

Copy to people around the world, his choreography and style.

Michael had a signature look he often wore sequined gloves, hats, military jackets, short pants, and showy socks.

Over the years Michael has always eccentric.

He was a music icon but his personal life held a dark side.

Although the new world of Michael talented artist, not many people knew his troubled side.

On June 25, 2009 he passed away.

Although Michael went his way and the music is still alive and has influenced people around the world.

This Halloween dress as the legendary pop icon in one of Our Michael Jackson Costumes! Complete the ultimate looking add wigs and accessories that comes.

Here are all the accessories for your Halloween costume! This Halloween season to come in one of your favorite Michael Jackson for child and adult Halloween costumes from many online stores and shops in the city in the neighborhood to turn costume party.

Music by Michael Jackson was an integral part of many of our childhood, and continue to pulse in his veins long after his tragic death.

Many of my childhood memories involved practicing and imitating Michael Jackson's fabulous dance moves and racing to the T.

every time the videos to Billie Jean or Thriller were shown.

to share not just the music in your body-wall motion, but the style of Michael Jackson was unique.

Michael Jackson spent half a million making the 'Thriller' video which was pretty phenomenal at the time.

But with its revolutionary originality took d the world by storm in 1983 than 14 minutes Horror mini-movies full of werewolves and creepy zombie phase-out of graves.

Michael wears the famous red leather jacket and trousers which have such a powerful image for this track.

And of course the master make horror Vincent Price voices to a resonant comment surprise guest at the end! The choreography was amazing and continues to be in dance programs throughout the world, taught another proof of the talent of Michael.

Billie Jean followed shortly after and became a top-charting success, with the iconic 'magical Michael' dressed in a pink shirt and red bow-tie, lighting up the paving stones and countering the sexual promiscuity of the 80's with the famous lines: "but the child is not my son".

Beat It be followed quickly established itself as the Jackson King of Pop .

Jackson's genius remains unchallenged and his music and dance and unique style an irrepressible legacy.

As is well known, such as Michael Jackson\#39;s music in the world, his style and original clothing is a symbol of his refusal.

Instantly recognizable are the short dark trousers with white socks, the red jacket setting him apart from the crowd, and the single shimmering glove.

The set is Halloween time, the dancing shoes, turn your hips in this last tribute year Michael Jackson.

Celebrate the immense achievements of this star with fantastic authentic costumes from 'Thriller', 'Billie Jean' or 'Bad' and live one night 'off the wall'!

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